LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023

  • 公開日:2023/12/20
  • 最終更新日:2024/02/28

クリニックデザイン事例 近視ケアクリニック渋谷(東京都・眼科クリニック)がスイスのLITアワードを受賞しました。


LuxLinea is an ophthalmology clinic in Shibuya, Tokyo. The new addition to Total Eye Care clinics in the heart of the Japanese capital takes place on the ground floor of a mixed-use building with clear glass facades. The design addresses two main issues: glass reflections, and patients’ privacy. To counter the bright daylight reflections on the glass, obstructing visibility, a series of intriguing vertical lines of light are emitted from the inside attracting the curiosity of the passerby.
All the walls around the waiting area are finished in mirrors reflecting the urban environment during daytime and assimilating it inside the clinic. The interior becomes a fantasy experiential space made of floating light elements. At night, the outside becomes darker than the inside turning the glass into a highly reflective surface. The space becomes wrapped in mirrors in every direction where light elements overlap in a kaleidoscopic effect.

受賞作 近視ケアクリニック渋谷