FRAME Awards 審査員に弊社松本哲哉が選任されました

  • 公開日:2020/07/27
  • 最終更新日:2024/02/28
FRAME AWARDS 2021 Jury Member

空間デザイン誌において世界的に権威のあるFRAMEマガジンが主催するFRAME AWARDSの審査員に弊社のヘッドアーキテクト松本哲哉が選任されました。

以下FRAME webでの紹介文抜粋

Tetsuya Matsumoto, Founder and Head Architect at KTX archiLAB & Matsuya Art Works

Tetsuya founded KTX archiLAB, based in Himeji and Tokyo, and is a spatial design lecturer at Osaka University of Art. Matsumoto is an award-winning commercial spatial designer, and has served on the juries of several local and international design awards.

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