World Architecture Festival YouTube

  • 公開日:2020/05/09
  • 最終更新日:2020/05/09

アムステルダムで行った渾身の決勝プレゼンテーションの動画が winners presentation としてWAFワールドアーキテクチャーフェスティバル公式チャンネルに公開されました。

Our Presentation of the 2019 World Architecture Festival category winning project: Cloud of Luster Chapel has been uploaded to the WAF Official YouTube Chanel.

INSIDE Civic, Culture, Transport Winner – KTX archiLAB

Project: Cloud of Luster
Category: INSIDE Civic, Culture, Transport
Status: Category Winner
Design Company: KTX archiLAB
Country: Japan
Presenters: Tetsuya Matsumoto & Farid Ziani
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