Regarding overseas projects’ design / 海外店舗の設計について

  • 公開日:2016/02/18
  • 最終更新日:2017/10/03

Regarding overseas projects’ design

In the past years our company has accomplished several store designs abroad, yet, we are currently involved in the design of a project under construction in a foreign country. It might seem that designing an overseas project is more difficult then designing a project in Japan, however, this is not totally true. Despite the distance, the work can be fully accomplished thanks to the new technologies, namely internet. For most of the cases we use Skype conferences to have live meetings with our clients. Skype is a very convenient tool when it connects us to countries with small time differences such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

We will hereunder try to explain how to proceed in the case of overseas projects.

First, while receiving information about the project from the client, it is important to make sure that the request is clearly and precisely defined. Usually we receive graphic documents by Email followed by a Skype conference to discuss the details and procedures.

In case of a site survey is needed, the best way is to request that from the local constructor whom contact is provided by the client. (Therefore it is necessary for a client to select a constructor beforehand.)

After a series of meeting, next step is to submit some CG images and design drawings to the client. We send the Data by Email, and present the project on skype. However at the client’s demand, the presentation can also be held on the local site. This is commonly followed by series of adjustments to meet the client’s demand. Furthermore, our design has to be checked by local experts to confirm that it meets the local regulations and laws, the experts contact must once again be provided by the client.

When the design is completed, we hand out the blueprints to the constructor and explain it in detail. Mostly, this step can also be accomplished using Email and Skype, but in some cases the constructor might require an on-site briefing, this is also to be discussed together with the client. The constructor then submits an estimate, after which, the actual construction begins.

The construction supervision is also operated through internet. We ask to receive frequent Emails including pictures of the building evolution. Sometimes a live skype conference connects us directly to the site allowing us to check the construction in details.

Likewise the previous steps, and depending on client’s request, we might visit the actual site to check the last details before the end of the construction.

The number of on-site visits depends exclusively on the client’s wish. The latter is taking in charge all the travel expenses, such as transportation costs and local accommodation. In fact, for a number of our projects that we accomplished abroad, we did not need to visit the site at all.

About the design fees of overseas projects:

For the reasons described above, it does not crave additional efforts to conduct a project in foreign countries comparing to domestic ones. Hence, the Design fees are absolutely the same ones regardless of being domestic or abroad projects. Nevertheless, the only extra costs are those in connection to the travel expenses, which the client should take in charge distinctly from the design fees.

Whether the design is about a domestic store, or an abroad store, it basically is the same. All the projects fees are estimated in the same way.

Nonetheless, because English is mandatory for conducting international projects, we are currently doing our best to improve our communication level of spoken and written English …